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FACELIFT STONES Gua Sha Duo, 2 piece set

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2 Stones: 1 Jade piece, 1 Rose Quartz

Gua Sha: The ancient beauty tool for firm, toned and radiant skin.

These powerful Jade & Rose Quartz Facial massage tools are designed to smooth over skin, reducing redness, facial swelling, under-eye bags and enlarged pores.

The unique “wing” shape of these stones feature 3 distinct edges for different massage techniques:  

  The outwardly curved edge helps sculpt and reduce puffiness in the jawline and cheekbones.

• The inwardly curved edge hits your natural facial shape to promote lymphatic drainage.

• The scalloped edge provides gentle pressure and massage for all areas of the face and neck.

Their naturally cool temperature helps to calm redness and hot flashes. Stimulates fascia and facial muscles to increase circulation. Promotes smooth and even complexion, increasing skin tone and overall complexion.

Usage Tips & Tricks: • Works great when you apply skincare products and moisturizer FIRST, then massage into skin with your Gua Sha tool. • Begin in center of face and move outwards in a striping pattern with gentle but firm pressure, making sure to cover entire surface of the face. Massage from center of face outward towards cheeks, along cheekbones and jawline. Massage along forehead in upward strokes from the top of the nose to hairline. Massage along chin and jawline in upward strokes.