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When I started Herb & Myth, I set out to create a product that would not only heal the skin, it would inspire a shift in consciousness.
I wanted to awaken that part of ourselves that knows how to heal, how to receive love and how to create daily rituals that inspire peace.
When it comes to skin care, I believe in the power of Ritual. I believe in immersing your Beauty and Self-care routines in daily mindfulness, gratitude and plenty of luxurious, organic Botanicals.
After many years of living the organic lifestyle, it’s clear to me that our daily rituals of self-care are the most transformative tools we have for creating a balanced and healthful lifestyle. As both a Healer and Herbalist, I believe in using my knowledge of the plants, essential oils, and aromatherapy to create skin care that heals and transforms every time you use it. My prayer is that you will create a daily ritual for yourself that expands your personal limits of how you experience and celebrate your own beauty. You are a gift to those around you. You are enchantment. You are inspiration. You are the reason I create ❤️
With grace and gratitude,